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HP/ Compaq: Laptop / Notebook / Computer Problems and the Causes:

Motherboard Problems: Bad voltage regulator chip, bad capacitor, bad resistor, bad BGA chip (Ball Grid Array), bad diodes, bad thermal chip. Causes: No power, Power but no boot, Shutdown, Random power off, Battery charging problem, Over Heat, No Sound, No video.

Graphic Problems: Bad Inverter, Bad Back Light, or Bad graphic Chip. Causes: LCD flickering, LCD dimming, Broken Screen, Vertical/Horizontal stripes

Drive issues: Cold solder, Bad BGA chip, Loose connection. Causes: Cannot recognize hard drive, CD-ROM, PCMCIA Wireless, loose USB ports, WAN/LAN Port, Keyboard, bad battery.

Power Jack Problems: Broken power jack, loose connection, cold solder. Causes: No power, intermittent, no charge.

Over heat: Bad thermal chips. Bad power regulator chips Causes: shutdown randomly, keep restarting, system hang.

Liquid Spillage: Spill water or any kind of liquid Causes: No power at all, intermittent (don't try to turn on/off, send your laptop to K-VLAPTOPS to rescue your system).

HP/ Compaq: Laptop Models

HP Pavilion dv9100 Series

HP Pavilion dv9000 Series

HP Pavilion dv9200 Series

HP Pavilion dv9300 Series

HP Pavilion dv9400 Series

HP Pavilion dv9500 Series

HP Pavilion dv9600 Series

HP Pavilion dv9700 Series

HP Pavilion dv9800 Series

HP Pavilion dv9900 Series

  • We can fix:

Power Jack Problems:
Broken power jack, loose connection, need wiggle to connect, no power, work with battery but doesn't work with ac adapter.
Motherboard problems:
No power
, power but no boot, over heat, shut down, random shut down, no sound, no video, no charge, do not recognize devices, bad BIOS chip, system hangs, blue screen, cannot install OS/software, Wireless, Ethernet (LAN), PCMCIA, shut down when moved, ac adapter turns off when plugged in, and printer port problems.

Assembly, Disassembly and regeneration of connection points BGA/CSP
Regeneration of pads (connection points); Printed Circuit Boards
(Graphic Chips, North/South Bridge)
Repair of fan cooling system
Repair of audio system
Repair of Wireless card
Exchange of ports and slots, such as USB, PCMCIA, VGA, LPT,
COM, Audio
Repair of Battery charge controller
Upgrade and exchange of BIOS chip
Repair of Voltage Converter
Repair of the motherboard after water damage and corrosion
Repair of the motherboard shorts

Hard Drive
Replacement of Hard Drive
Data transfer onto a new Hard Drive
Data recovery from damaged Hard Drives
Repair of Hard Drive’s electronic

LCD problems:
Dim LCD, broken LCD, flickering, vertical line, horizontal line, and dead pixel.

Repair of Voltage Converter found in the LCD screen (inverter)
Exchange of the main LCD processor
Exchange of fluorescent lamp – the back light
Replacement and regeneration of LCD cable
Repair of LCD’s screen electronic
Screen Replacement

Washing the Keyboard in the ultrasonic cleaner
Keyboard conservation and maintenance
Keyboard exchange
Inserting of universal push buttons

Optical Disc Drive
Replacement of the Disc Drive
Laptop LCD Top Cover
Laptop Hinge Replacement
Broken Hinge
LCD Cover Repair
LCD Cover Exchange
Operating System
Operating System Installation
Virus Removal
System Configuration
Windows Repair
Installation of Peripheral Equipment

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