ACER Aspire 1690 1650 3000 3500 5000 CPU FAN

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The cpu fan is Brand new, never refurbished, 100% compatible, Fast shipping

  • 180 Days Warranty
  • Condition: Genuine Original New
  • Manufacturer: ADDA
  • Power: DC 5V 0.38A
  • Model: AB6505HB-E03 (ZL2)
  • Wire Length: (3 wire)3-pin connector
  • Package Content: 1 x CPU Cooling Fan

Compatible Numbers




Compatible models

Aspire 1640 Series (Model ZL8)
1641LCi (LX.A8605.005, LX.A8606.005)
1641WLMi (LX.A8605.466, LX.A8605.468)
1642WLMi (LX.A8605.181, LX.A8605.379, LX.A8605.452, LX.A8605.454, LX.A8605.470, LX.A8605.512, LX.A8605.766)
1644WLMi (LX.A8605.456, LX.A8605.458)

Aspire 1650 Series (Model ZL8)
1651WLMi (LX.A9805.130)
1652WLMi (LX.A9805.221, LX.A9805.255, LX.A9805.386, LX.A9905.070, LX.A9905.096, LX.A9905.103)
1654WLMi (LX.A9905.048, LX.A9905.092, LX.A9905.094)Acer Aspire 1680 Series Laptop.

Aspire 1690 Series (Model ZL2/ZL3)
1690LCi (LX.A7205.005, LX.A7205.006)
1690WLCi (LX.A7205.001)
1690WLMi (LX.A6505.119)
1691WLCi (LX.A7205.013, LX.A7205.014, LX.A7205.019)
1691WLMi (LX.A4205.002, LX.A4305.179, LX.A4305.194, LX.A6605.162, LX.A7205.007, LX.A7205.008, LX.A7205.017)
1692WLMi (LX.A4405.054, LX.A6505.016, LX.A6505.018, LX.A6505.043, LX.A6505.074, LX.A6505.123, LX.A6505.126, LX.A6605.034, LX.A6605.083, LX.A6605.090, LX.A6605.111, LX.A6605.115, LX.A6605.132, LX.A6605.167, LX.A6605.168, LX.A7205.015, LX.A7205.016, LX.A7205.123, LX.A7205.124)
1694WLMi (LX.A4405.007, LX.A4405.009, LX.A4405.055, LX.A4405.057, LX.A6505.031, LX.A6605.031, LX.A6605.035, LX.A8405.086)
1694WLMib (LX.A8405.071)

Acer Aspire 3000 Series Laptop.
(3002LCi 3002WLCi 3002WLMi 3003WCi 3003WLCi) Series

Acer Aspire 3500 Series Laptop.
(3502LCi 3502NLCi 3502WLCi 3503LCi 3503WLC) Series

Acer Aspire 3630 Series Laptop.
Acer Aspire 3640 Series Laptop.

Aspire 5000 Series (Model ZL5)
3002WLCi (LX.A5106.011, LX.A5106.012)
5001LMi (LX.A5105.058, LX.A5105.059)
5002LC (LX.A5105.090, LX.A5105.094, LX.A5105.296, LX.A5105.383)
5002WLCi (LX.A5105.157, LX.A5105.158, LX.A5105.321, LX.A5105.322, LX.A5105.490)
5002WLMI (LX.A5105.204)
5002WLMi (LX.A5105.031, LX.A5105.032, LX.A5105.119, LX.A5105.156, LX.A5105.163, LX.A5105.179, LX.A5105.186, LX.A5105.228, LX.A5106.001, LX.A5106.007, LX.A5106.008)
5003WLCI (LX.A5105.482)
5003WLMI (LX.A5105.586)
5003WLMi (LX.A5105.407, LX.A5105.478, LX.A5105.480, LX.A5105.488, LX.A5105.584, LX.A5105.613, LX.A5105.681, LX.A5106.020)
5003WMLi (LX.A5105.670, LX.A5105.671)
5004WLMi (LX.A5105.062, LX.A5105.328, LX.A5105.511)

TravelMate 4100 (4103WLCi) Series
4100WLMi (LX.TA505.059, LX.TA806.002, LX.TA806.003)
4101WLMi (LX.T6705.052, LX.TA505.030, LX.TA806.004, LX.TA806.005, LX.TA806.006, LX.TA806.007, LX.TA806.018, LX.TA806.019)
4102WLMi (LX.TA505.087, LX.TA806.008, LX.TA806.010, LX.TA806.011)
4402WLMi (LX.TA505.178)

TravelMate 4600 Series
4601LCi (LX.TA805.135)
4601WLMi (LX.TA505.134)
4601LCi (LX.T6306.003, LX.T6406.003, LX.T6406.013, LX.T6406.014)
4601WLMi (LX.T6406.046, LX.T6406.047, LX.T6406.051, LX.T6406.052, LX.T9906.002, LX.T9906.011, LX.T9906.013, LX.T9906.019, LX.T9906.061)
4602LMi (LX.T6306.022)
4602WLMi (LX.T9906.051, LX.T9906.065)
4604WLMi (LX.T9906.034, LX.T9906.038, LX.T9906.100, LX.T9906.101)

Extensa 6600 Series (Model ZL3)
6601WLMi (LX.E2905.001, LX.E2905.002)

Extensa 6700 Series
6702WLMi (LX.E3005.003)

TravelMate 4060 Series (Model ZL8)
4061NWLCi (LX.TAK0C.031)
4061WLCi (LX.TAK05.089, LX.TAK05.090, LX.TAK05.133, LX.TAK05.134)
4061WLMi (LX.TAK05.136, LX.TAK06.045, LX.TAK06.046, LX.TAK06.048, LX.TAK06.071, LX.TAK06.073)
4062LCi (LX.TAK05.293, LX.TAK06.229)
4062LMi (LX.TAK05.297, LX.TAK06.104, LX.TAK06.230)
4062WLCi (LX.TAK06.075)
4062WLMi (LX.TAK05.169, LX.TAK05.174, LX.TAK05.301, LX.TAK06.079, LX.TAK06.080, LX.TAK06.082, LX.TAK06.115, LX.TAK06.116)
4064WLMi (LX.TAK06.067, LX.TAK06.068, LX.TAK06.069)

TravelMate 2430 Series (Model ZL6)
2433LCi (LX.TC305.159)
2434WLCi (LX.TC305.266)
2434WLMi (LX.TC306.044, LX.TC306.046, LX.TC306.048)

TravelMate 2310 Series (Model ZL6)
2312LC (LX.TAF05.019)
2312LCi (LX.T9105.220, LX.T9105.221, LX.T9105.223, LX.T9105.224, LX.T9106.085, LX.T9106.086, LX.T9106.087, LX.T9106.088, LX.TAF05.090, LX.TAF05.091, LX.TAF05.092, LX.TAF05.093)
2312LM (LX.TAF05.066)
2312LMi (LX.TAF05.078, LX.TAF05.082)
2312NLM (LX.TAF0C.013, LX.TAF0C.014)
2312WLCi (LX.T9106.090, LX.T9106.092)
2312WLMi (LX.T9106.093, LX.T9106.094)
2313LCi (LX.T9105.356, LX.T9105.357, LX.T9105.358, LX.T9105.359, LX.T9106.149, LX.T9106.150)
2313NWLMi (LX.T910C.045)
2313WLCi (LX.T9106.148, LX.T9106.151, LX.T9106.152)
2313WLMi (LX.T9106.117, LX.T9106.118)

Your laptop cooling fan is one of the primary components that keeps your laptop's CPU within a tolerant temperature range. Processors generate heat, and heat can damage your system if your cooling system is not functioning properly. Your fan blows hot air away from your processor, keeping it cool.

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