Acer Aspire 8530 8530G 8730 8730G 8730ZG Laptop Keyboard

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Acer Aspire 8530 8530G 8730 8730G 8730ZG Laptop Keyboard

Color: Black
Layout: US
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6Months

Compatible Numbers:





Model NO.: NSK-AFF1D Serial NO.: 9JN 8782F 1D90401091VHSD

Compatible Models :

Aspire 9400 series

Aspire 9410 Series Notebooks

Aspire 9410-2459, Aspire 9410-2829, Aspire 9410-4317 

Aspire 9410-4897, Aspire 9410-4933, Aspire 9411AWSMi MS2195 
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Acer Aspire 8530 8530G 8730 8730G 8730ZG 9920 9920G laptop
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Acer eMachines E528

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