Acer Travelmate 290, 2350, 4200 AC DC POWER JACK

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Laptop/ Notebooks DC Power Jack Replacement Repair Service:

If your DC power jack is having an intermittent connection or not working at all anymore, don't throw away your Laptop/ notebook ...Don't order a new motherboard for a lot of $$$$ either. This service can restore your Laptop notebook or tablet PC back to proper functionality for a fraction of the price.

The usual signs of that are:

  1. The battery is not charging properly or stays at half charge despite that you have been using the power adapter.
  2. The screen flickers (the brightness is changing) while the power cord is plugged in. This is caused by the laptop switching between DC power (screen is brighter) and battery power (screen is dimmer).
  3. The DC plug gets hot after a few minutes of use and may even smell of burning.
  4. There are “scratching” sounds coming from the DC jack.
  5. No power - will not turn on (dead), although the unit will still work if the battery is charged
  6. Unit randomly switching from AC to battery power and back
  7. Intermittent battery charging problems

Please call us for a free estimate for the Manufacturer's original laptop Power Jack Replacement for your laptop. We replace laptop Power Jack Replacement on the spot the same day service. DC power jack repair / replacement come with 180 days (6 months) warranty parts and labor included in the price.

Condition: - New OEM package

Our Part Number: PJV43, AC351816

Product Detail:

  • Pin Diameter: 1.65mm
  • Removable Shield
  • Brand New 
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

This is a Brand New Laptop DC Power Jack.

Compatible Models:

Acer Aspire 2350 Series:
2350, AS2350, 2352LCi 2352NLCi 2353 2353LC 2353LCi 2353LM 2353LMi 2353NLC 2353NLCi 2353WLMi 2354 2354LC 2354LCi 2354LM 2354LMi 2354NLC 2354NLCi 2354NLM 2354NLMi 2355LC 2355LCi 2355LM 2355LMi 2355NLC 2355NLCi 2355NLM 2355NLMi 2355XM

Acer Aspire 3100 Series:
3100, AS3100

Acer Aspire 3690 Series:
3690-2009 3690-2032 3690-2070 3690-2083 3690-2087 3690-2119 3690-2138 3690-2139 3690-2150 3690-2173 3690-2208 3690-2268 3690-2306 3690-2363 3690-2408 3690-2430 3690-2436 3690-2468 3690-2481 3690-2485 3690-2510 3690-2513 3690-2518 3690-2522 3690-2524 3690-2612 3690-2639 3690-2654 3690-2662 3690-2693 3690-2711 3690-2813 3690-2819 3690-2848 3690-2861 3690-2862 3690-2875 3690-2906 3690-2922 3690-2949 3690-2955 3690-2983

AS3690-2009 AS3690-2032 AS3690-2083 AS3690-2087 AS3690-2119 AS3690-2150 AS3690-2173 AS3690-2196 AS3690-2208 AS3690-2268 AS3690-2306 AS3690-2363 AS3690-2408 AS3690-2430 AS3690-2436 AS3690-2468 AS3690-2468 AS3690-2481 AS3690-2485 AS3690-2510 AS3690-2513 AS3690-2519 AS3690-2522 AS3690-2612 AS3690-2639 AS3690-2654 AS3690-2662 AS3690-2693 AS3690-2710 AS3690-2711 AS3690-2813 AS3690-2819 AS3690-2861 AS3690-2875 AS3690-2906 AS3690-2922 AS3690-2949 AS3690-2983

Acer Aspire 4200 Series:

Acer Aspire 4310 Series:

Acer Aspire 4520 Series:
AS4520-5141 AS4520-5458 AS4520-5582 AS4520-5803 AS4520-5950

Acer Aspire 4720 series:
AS4720-2013 AS4720-4199 AS4720-4538 AS4720-4721 AS4720-4825 AS4720-6748

Acer Aspire 4810 Series:

Acer Aspire 5050 series:
AS5050-3242 AS5050-3371 AS5050-3465 AS5050-3564 AS5050-5172 AS5050-5374 AS5050-5410 AS5050-5554 AS5050-5555 AS5050-5574 AS5050-5827 AS5050-5951

Acer Aspire 5070 series:

Acer Aspire 5100 series:

5101 5102 5103 5110

Acer Aspire 5200 series:

Acer Aspire 5410 series:

Acer Aspire 5600 Series:
AS5600AWLMi AS5601AWLMi AS5602WLMi

Acer Aspire 5610 Series:
5610-2013 5610-2225 5610-2273 5610-2328 5610-2381 5610-2556 5610-2714 5610-2759 5610-2933 5610Z 5612WLMi 5613WLMi

Acer Aspire 5630 Series:
5630-6002 5630-6091 5630-6124 5630-6173 5630-6197 5630-6254 5630-6296 5630-6298 5630-6317 5630-6436 5630-6444 5630-6655 5630-6670 5630-6679 5630-6803 5630-6806 5630-6833 5630-6891 5630-6895 5630-6943

Acer Aspire 5680 Series:
5680-6001 5680-6123 5680-6517 5680-6560 5683WLMi AS5610-2013 AS5610-2273 AS5610-2273 AS5610-2381 AS5610-2714 AS5610-2933 AS5610-4075 AS5610-4491 AS5610Z AS5612WLMi AS5613WLMi AS5613WLMi

Acer Aspire One A110 Series:
A110-1041 A110-1041 A110-1178 A110-1295 A110-1588 A110-1626 A110-1626 A110-AB A110L A110X

Acer Aspire One A150 Series:
A150-1006 A150-1029 A150-1035 A150-1049 A150-1068 A150-1083 A150-1126 A150-1141 A150-1172 A150-1249 A150-1316 A150-1329 A150-1348 A150-1359 A150-1400 A150-1405 A150-1435 A150-1447 A150-1457 A150-1483 A150-1485 A150-1504 A150-1505 A150-1553 A150-1555 A150-1570 A150-1635 A150-1649 A150-1679 A150-1690 A150-1706 A150-1742 A150-1777 A150-1784 A150-1786 A150-1798 A150-1864 A150-1887 A150-1890 A150-1949 A150-1987 A150-Aw A150-Bb A150-Bb1 A150L A150X

Acer Aspire One Series 8.9":
AOA110-1041 AOA110-1137 AOA110-1295 AOA110-1588 AOA110-1626 AOA110-1662 AOA110-1722 AOA110-1831 AOA110-1834 AOA110-1982 AOA110-1995 AOA150-1001 AOA150-1029 AOA150-1035 AOA150-1049 AOA150-1068 AOA150-1083 AOA150-1126 AOA150-1140 AOA150-1141 AOA150-1172 AOA150-1178 AOA150-1316 AOA150-1329 AOA150-1348 AOA150-1359 AOA150-1382 AOA150-1400 AOA150-1405 AOA150-1435 AOA150-1444 AOA150-1447 AOA150-1483 AOA150-1485 AOA150-1504 AOA150-1505 AOA150-1553 AOA150-1555 AOA150-1570 AOA150-1622 AOA150-1635 AOA150-1649 AOA150-1672 AOA150-1679 AOA150-1690 AOA150-1706 AOA150-1742 AOA150-1777 AOA150-1784 AOA150-1786 AOA150-1798 AOA150-1840 AOA150-1864 AOA150-1887 AOA150-1905 AOA150-1949 AOA150-1983 AOA150-1987

Acer Aspire One Series 10.1" :
AOD150-1044 AOD150-1125 AOD150-1165 AOD150-1186 AOD150-1197 AOD150-1240 AOD150-1322 AOD150-1462 AOD150-1577 AOD150-1587 AOD150-1606 AOD150-1647 AOD150-1669 AOD150-1860 AOD150-1920

Acer Travelmate Series:
TM2355LCi TM2480-2153 TM2480-2196 TM2480-2551 TM2480-2645 TM2480-2698 TM2480-2705 TM2480-2779 TM2480-2968 TM290LCi TM290LMi TM290X TM290XCi TM290Xi TM290XMi TM290XVi TM290XVi TM291LCi TM291LCi-G TM291LMi TM291LMi-G TM291XCi TM292LCi TM292LMi TM292X TM3270-6569 TM4202WLMi

Acer Travelmate Series:
290, 290E, 2350, 4051LMI, 4200, 4262

We Replace / Repair Laptop DC Power Jack for many kind of laptops: Dell Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement, HP Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement, IBM Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement, Toshiba Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement, Lenovo Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement, Acer Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement, Sony Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement. Or Dell Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, HP Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, IBM Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, Toshiba Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, Lenovo Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, Acer Laptop DC Power Jack Repair, Sony Laptop DC Power Jack Repair.

Also We offer professional installation starting from $49.99.

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