Compaq Presario V3000| V6000| C700| F500| F700 Battery

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Product Details

Brand new Laptop Battery Compaq Presario V3000 V6000 C700 F500 F700

Item Specification:

Voltage: DC 10.8V 6CELL
Capacity: 4400mAh

Warranty: 1 Year

Replace Part Number:

441425-001, 432306-001, 432307-001, 417066-001, 446506-001, 446507-001, 
454931-001, 455804-001, 441243-141, 436281-141, 441462-251, 
EV088AA, EV089AA, 

Compatible Models:
Compaq Presario V3000 Series
V3000 CTO, V3000t CTO, V3000z CTO, V3010, V3010CA, V3010US, V3015, 
V3015NR, V3015CA, V3016, V3016US, V3018, V3018CL, V3018US, V3019, 
V3019US, V3020, V3020US, V3020CA, V3030, V3030CA, V3030US, V3003XX, 
V3005TU, V3006AU, V3007AU, V3007TU, V3008AU, V3008TU, V3009AU, 
V3011TU, V3012AU, V3013AU, V3014AU, V3014TU, V3015AU, V3016AU, 
V3016TU, V3017AU, V3017LA, V3017TU, V3018AU, V3018TU, V3019AU, 
V3019TU, V3020TU, V3021TU, V3022AU, V3022TU, V3024TU, V3025TU, 
V3026AU, V3026TU, V3027AU, V3027TU, V3028AU, V3028TU, V3029AU, 
V3029TU, V3030TU

 Compaq Presario V6000 Series
V6000T, V6000Z, V6030US, V6105NR, V6120US, V6130US, V6012EA, 
V6014EA, V6016EA, V6024EA, V6025EA, V6057EA, V6065EA, V6066EA, 
V6000, V6004AU, V6000 CTO, V6000AU, V6000T CTO, V6000TX CTO, 
V6000Z CTO, V6001AU, V6001XX, V6002AU, V6002XX, V6003AU, V6048CL

 Compaq Presario F500 Series
F500, F505LA, F506LA, F553US, F555US, F557US, F500EA, F501AU, 
F502AU, F502EU, F502LA, F502ea, F503AU, F504AU, F505AU, F545EA, 
F545EU, F504EA, F504EM, F504EU, F505EA, F506EA, F550EE, F550EF, 
F550EL, F550EN, F550EO, F550ES, F550ET, F551AU, F552AU, F552LA, 
F553AU, F553CL, F554AU, F555AU, F555LA, F557WM, F558US, F560EA, 
F560EL, F560EM, F560ET, F560US, F560XX, F562LA, F564LA, F565CA, 
F565LA, F566LA, F571AU, F572AU, F572US, F573AU, F574AU, F575AU, 
F576AU, F577AU, F577CL, F579WM

Compaq Presario F700 Series
F700EF, F700EM, F706LA, F710EE, F710EF, F710EL, F712NR, F715EF, 
F715EM, F715EO, F722CA, F725EL, F729EM , F730US, F731AU, F732AU, 
F732NR, F733AU, F734AU, F735AU, F736AU, F737AU, F739WM 

Compaq Presario C700 Series
C700ET, C700LA, C700T, C700XX, C701LA, C701TU, C701XX, C702LA, 
C702TU, C703LA, C703TU, C704TU, C705LA, C705TU, C706TU, C707LA, 
C707TU, C708LA, C708TU, C709LA, C709TU, C710BR, C710ED, C710EE, 
C710EF, C710EL, C710EM, C710EN, C710TU, C711TU, C712TU, C713TU, 
C714NR, C714TU, C715TU, C716TU, C717NR, C717TU, C718TU, C719TU, 
C720BR, C720ES, C721TU, C722TU, C725BR, C727US, C730BR, C730EE, 
C730EL, C732EF, C732EM, C732ES, C732TU, C735ED, C737BR, C737TU, 
C740EE, C742EA, C742EM, C742ES, C745EL, C750EF, C750EL, C750EM, 
C755ES, C756ES, C700EM

How To take care your Laptop battery?

Take care of your laptop battery and ensure that it will be ready to work properly when you need it most. Some general tips for laptop care include: avoid extreme temperatures, don’t leave a laptop outside in cold weather or leave it in a hot car. Cold batteries can’t create very much power and hot batteries will discharge very quickly. Use electrical power when available to keep battery charged. Don’t let your laptop go for long periods of time without using the battery.





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