HP Pavilion ZT1000, ZT1120, ZT1130, ZT1150 Inverter

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Laptop LCD Screen Inverter
Brand New
Warranty: 6 months

Defective backlight Inverter may has the following symptom:

  • Power light stays on but no display and sound
  • No picture on screen but LCD TV still has sound
  • Picture cycles on and off as well as power LED light
  • No picture on screen but power indicate light stays on
  • Dark display but still readable
  • Screen Flash on and Off between 1/2 to a few seconds

All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight inveter is defective and replacing it will solve the problem.

Compatible Part #:
PK070010900 PK070011200 PK070012320 PK070011000 PK070014200 PWB-1V16073T/C5
T51049.00 1V16073/T F2300-69001 F3377-60921 F3379-60925 F2330-60926 IV16073/T
P616073 PK070006900 PK070008100 PK070008200 PK070009800 PK070009900 T51041.02
PWB-1V16073T/C5 PWB-1V16073T/D1 ASTWS913200T51I040 T51I024.06 T511041.00 

Compatible Model :
Compatible Model :
HP Pavillion XZ Series : XZ133 XZ148 XZ163 XZ185 XZ168 XZ275 XZ295 XZ335 XZ355
HP Pavllion ZT Series : ZT1000 ZT1000IB ZT1100 ZT1114 ZT1120 ZT1121S ZT1122S
ZT1125 ZT1130 ZT1131S ZT1135 ZT1135 ZT1141 ZT1142 ZT1145 ZT1150 ZT1151 ZT1152
ZT1155 ZT1161 ZT1162 ZT1170 ZT1171 ZT1172 ZT1175 ZT1180 ZT1181 ZT1182 ZT1185
ZT1190 ZT1192 ZT1195 ZT1210 ZT120S ZT1210 ZT1211S ZT1230 ZT1231S ZT1233 ZT1235
ZT1243 ZT1250 ZT1260 ZT1261 ZT1270 ZT1290
HP Pavllion XH300 series: XH355 XH365 XH395
HP Pavllion XH400 series: XH455 XH485
HP Pavllion XH500 series: XH535 XH545 XH555 XH575
HP PAVILLION XH600 series: xh625 xh635 xh675
HP OMNIBLLI XE3 series: GD SERIES GE series GF series
HP OMNIBLLI xt1000 series(15"):XT1000 XT1000M XT1000S XT1500
HP Pavllion N5000 series:N5000 N5300 N5400 series
HP Pavllion N5300 series: N5310 N5311 N5331 N5331 N5340 N5341 N5350 N5351 N5361
N5371 N5381 N5390
HP Pavllion N540 series: N5425 N5430 N5450 N5455 N5470 N5475 N5490

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