Toshiba M300 L300 A300 A300D A305 A305D L300D L305 Keyboard

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Toshiba Laptop Keyboard "Brand New"

Toshiba Satellite M300| L300 |A300 |A300D |A305 |A305D |L300D |L305 |L305D Series Laptop Keyboard

  • Introduction:
  • Condition: - Brand New Keyboard with ribbon cable
  • Product Name: Toshiba Series Keyboard
  • New high quality keyboard
  • 100% manufacturer compatible
  • Color: Silver
  • Letter: English
  • Layout: US
  • Warranty : 3Months

Item#: KV1246SI
Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working.
Replace your faulty, cracked keyboard, broken keyboard...
Compatible with Part Number:
NSK-TA001   9J.N9082.001    9J.N9082.A01   V000120280   MP-06863UK-930    NSK-TAE01      V000120240    V000120290     AEBL5R00040-UI   V000130380   V000130390    6037b0026805     6037B0017206
Compatible Toshiba Model:
Toshiba Satellite A300 | A305 Series

  • A300-ST3511 (PSAG8U-05K02C)
  • A300-ST3512 (PSAG8U-05L022)
  • A300-ST4505 (PSAG8U-04E021)
  • A305-S6825 (PSAG0U-00U00K, PSAG0U-00U00KB)
  • A305-S6829 (PSAG0U-01900L, PSAG0U-01900LB)
  • A305-S6833 (PSAG0U-01D00L, PSAG0U-01D00LB)
  • A305-S6834 (PSAG0U-01U00L)
  • A305-S6837 (PSAG0U-01800M, PSAG0U-01800MB)
  • A305-S6839 (PSAG4U-00U00G, PSAG4U-00U00GB)
  • A305-S6841 (PSAG4U-00W00G, PSAG4U-00W00GB)
  • A305-S6843 (PSAG4U-01700J)
  • A305-S6844 (PSAG4U-01W00P)
  • A305-S6845 (PSAG4U-01X00G)
  • A305-S6852 (PSAG0U-03K00L)
  • A305-S6853 (PSAG0U-02900L)
  • A305-S6855 (PSAG0U-03M03M)
  • A305-S6857 (PSAG0U-02701V)
  • A305-S6858 (PSAG0U-02D00M, PSAG0U-02D00MB)
  • A305-S6859 (PSAG0U-02703K)
  • A305-S6860 (PSAG0U-03N01V, PSAG0U-03N01VB)
  • A305-S6861 (PSAG4U-03M00P)
  • A305-S6862 (PSAG0U-03601V, PSAG0U-03601VB)
  • A305-S6863 (PSAG8U-00200P, PSAG8U-00200PB)
  • A305-S68641 (PSAGCU-02Q01D)
  • A305-S6872 (PSAG8U-02E018, PSAG8U-02E018B)
  • A305-S6894 (PSAG8U-03L01E)
  • A305-S6898 (PSAGCU-05601S, PSAGCU-05601SB)
  • A305-S690 (PSAGCU-0F704P)
  • A305-S6902 (PSAG8U-04L023)
  • A305-S6905 (PSAG8U-04001W)
  • A305-S6908 (PSAG8U-053022)
  • A305-S6909 (PSAG8U-05G02C)
  • A305-S6916 (PSAGCU-09S01S, PSAGCU-09S01SB)
  • A305-S6994E (PSAG8U-06E02C)
  • A305-SP6801 (PSAG0U-01L00N)
  • A305-SP6803 (PSAG0U-03700N)
  • A305-SP6906A (PSAG8U-05CAR5)
  • A305-SP6906R (PSAG8U-05CRL5)
  • A305-SP6923R (PSAG8U-06KRL7)
  • PSAG0C-03501C, PSAG0C-04Q01C, PSAG0U-03G035, PSAG4C-05U01C, PSAG4C-07G01C, PSAG4U-04R020, PSAG4U-05202F, PSAG4U-05702F, PSAG4U-07X020, PSAG4U-0L100P, PSAG4U-0L200P, PSAG8C-02W013, PSAG8C-0F7013, PSAG8U-023019, PSAG8U-06602W, PSAGCC-02C019, PSAGCC-06H019, PSAGCU-02Q015, PSAJ0C-SH308C, PSAJ0C-SH708C, PSAJ4C-SD308C, PSAJ4C-SD508C

Toshiba Satellite L300 | L305 Series

  • L300-065 (PSLB0C-06508C, PSLB0C-06508C)
  • L300-07N (PSLB0C-07N08C, PSLB0C-07N08C)
  • L305-S5865 (PSLB0U-02S02D, PSLB0U-02S02D, PSLB0U-02S02DB, PSLB0U-02S02DB)
  • L305-S5875 (PSLB0U-067033, PSLB0U-067033, PSLB0U-067033B, PSLB0U-067033B)
  • L305-S5877 (PSLB0U-07K02D, PSLB0U-07K02D)
  • L305-S5883 (PSLB0U-07402D, PSLB0U-07402D)
  • L305-S5885 (PSLB0U-07L02D, PSLB0U-07L02D, PSLB0U-07L02DB, PSLB0U-07L02DB)
  • L305-S5891 (PSLB8U-02W003, PSLB8U-02W003, PSLB8U-02W003B, PSLB8U-02W003B)
  • L305-S5894 (PSLB8U-023003, PSLB8U-023003, PSLB8U-023003B, PSLB8U-023003B)
  • L305-S5896 (PSLB8U-02V003B, PSLB8U-02V003B)
  • L305-S5899 (PSLB8U-02201J, PSLB8U-02201J, PSLB8U-02201JB, PSLB8U-02201JB)
  • L305-S5901 (PSLB8U-03L003, PSLB8U-03L003)
  • L305-S5902 (PSLB8U-002003, PSLB8U-002003, PSLB8U-002003B, PSLB8U-002003B)
  • L305-S5903 (PSLB8U-002025, PSLB8U-002025)
  • L305-S5905 (PSLB8U-03S003, PSLB8U-03S003)
  • L305-S5906 (PSLB8U-04C003, PSLB8U-04C003)
  • L305-S59071 (PSLB8U-04X02G, PSLB8U-04X02G)
  • L305-S5908 (PSLB8U-05202F, PSLB8U-05202F, PSLB8U-05202FB, PSLB8U-05202FB)
  • L305-S5909 (PSLB8U-05302F, PSLB8U-05302F, PSLB8U-05302FB, PSLB8U-05302FB)
  • L305-S5911 (PSLB8U-05602F, PSLB8U-05602F)
  • L305-S5912 (PSLB8U-05D02FB, PSLB8U-05D02FB)
  • L305-S5913 (PSLB8U-05C003, PSLB8U-05C003)
  • L305-S5915 (PSLB8U-0D8038, PSLB8U-0D8038)
  • L305-S5917 (PSLB8U-0C403F, PSLB8U-0C403F, PSLB8U-0C403FB, PSLB8U-0C403FB)
  • L305-S5920 (PSLB8U-0JS037B, PSLB8U-0JS037B)
  • L305-S5921 (PSLB8U-079025, PSLB8U-079025, PSLB8U-079025B, PSLB8U-079025B)
  • L305-S5924 (PSLB8U-0C6025, PSLB8U-0C6025)
  • L305-S5926 (PSLB8U-07C025, PSLB8U-07C025)
  • L305-S5929 (PSLB8U-0FP025, PSLB8U-0FP025)
  • L305-S5931 (PSLB8U-0JT037B, PSLB8U-0JT037B)
  • L305-S5933 (PSLB8U-027025, PSLB8U-027025, PSLB8U-027025B, PSLB8U-027025B)
  • L305-S5937 (PSLB8U-0FE040, PSLB8U-0FE040)
  • L305-S5942 (PSLB8U-0KC045, PSLB8U-0KC045)
  • L305-S5947 (PSLB8U-11S038, PSLB8U-11S038)
  • L305-SP5806A (PSLB8U-026AR1, PSLB8U-026AR1)
  • L305-SP5806C (PSLB8U-026CL1, PSLB8U-026CL1)
  • L305-SP5806R (PSLB8U-026RL1, PSLB8U-026RL1)
  • L305-SP6807R (PSLB8U-027RL2, PSLB8U-027RL2)
  • L305-SP6912A (PSLB8U-0FGAR1, PSLB8U-0FGAR1)
  • L305-SP6912C (PSLB8U-0FGCL1, PSLB8U-0FGCL1)
  • L305-SP6912R (PSLB8U-0FGRL1, PSLB8U-0FGRL1)
  • PSLB0C-07P08C, PSLB0C-07P08C, PSLB0C-07R08C, PSLB0C-07R08C, PSLB0C-08603L, PSLB0C-08603L, PSLB0C-08R08C, PSLB0C-08R08C, PSLB0C-08T08C, PSLB0C-08T08C, PSLB0C-LC108C, PSLB0C-LC108C, PSLB0U-073034, PSLB0U-073034, PSLB0U-074039, PSLB0U-074039, PSLB8C-01R019, PSLB8C-01R019, PSLB8C-03C01X, PSLB8C-03C01X, PSLB8C-04N01X, PSLB8C-04N01X, PSLB8C-04P01X, PSLB8C-04P01X, PSLB8C-13N01X, PSLB8C-13N01X, PSLB8C-15601X, PSLB8C-15601X, PSLB8U-04X02F, PSLB8U-04X02F, PSLB8U-07L02D, PSLB8U-07L02D, PSLB8U-0DN042, PSLB8U-0DN042, PSLB8U-0DN042B, PSLB8U-0DN042B, PSLB8U-0JC045, PSLB8U-0JC045, PSLB8U-0JD042, PSLB8U-0JD042, PSLB8U-0JG037, PSLB8U-0JG037, PSLB8U-0JS037, PSLB8U-0JS037, PSLB8U-0JT037, PSLB8U-0JT037, PSLB8U-0K704H, PSLB8U-0K704H, PSLB8U-0S7RL1, PSLB8U-0S7RL1, PSLB8U-0SVAR1, PSLB8U-0SVAR1, PSLB8U-0SVRL1, PSLB8U-0SVRL1, PSLB8U-0V302L, PSLB8U-0V302L, PSLB8U-0VN037, PSLB8U-0VN037, PSLB8U-0WE04H, PSLB8U-0WE04H, PSLB8U-107071, PSLB8U-107071

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D Series

  • L300D-EZ1001V (PSLC1U-008004)
  • L300D-EZ1002V (PSLC1U-00M008)
  • L300D-EZ1002X (PSLC1U-00C002)
  • L300D-EZ1003X (PSLC1U-00D002)
  • L300D-EZ1006V (PSLC1U-00Q009)
  • L300D-SP5801 (PSLC1U-00K006)
  • L300D-SP5802 (PSLC1U-00H006)
  • L300D-SP5804 (PSLC1U-00P005)
  • L300D-SP5808A (PSLC1U-00VAR3)
  • L300D-SP5808C (PSLC1U-00VCB3)
  • L300D-SP5808R (PSLC1U-00VRL3)

Toshiba Satellite L300D | L305D Series

  • L300D-ST3501 (PSLC8U-041026, PSLC8U-041026)
  • L305D-S5868 (PSLC8U-01M017, PSLC8U-01M017)
  • L305D-S5869 (PSLC8U-00Y010, PSLC8U-00Y010)
  • L305D-S5870 (PSLC8U-00V011, PSLC8U-00V011)
  • L305D-S5873 (PSLC8U-00E010, PSLC8U-00E010, PSLC8U-00E010B, PSLC8U-00E010B)
  • L305D-S5874 (PSLC8U-00F010, PSLC8U-00F010)
  • L305D-S5881 (PSLC8U-00D010, PSLC8U-00D010)
  • L305D-S5882 (PSLC8U-011012, PSLC8U-011012)
  • L305D-S5890 (PSLC8U-023010, PSLC8U-023010, PSLC8U-023010B, PSLC8U-023010B)
  • L305D-S5892 (PSLC0U-02501F, PSLC0U-02501F, PSLC0U-02501FB, PSLC0U-02501FB)
  • L305D-S5895 (PSLC0U-01S01F, PSLC0U-01S01F, PSLC0U-01S01FB, PSLC0U-01S01FB)
  • L305D-S5897 (PSLC0U-01U01H, PSLC0U-01U01H)
  • L305D-S5900 (PSLC0U-02701G, PSLC0U-02701G, PSLC0U-02701GB, PSLC0U-02701GB)
  • L305D-S5904 (PSLC0U-02C01G, PSLC0U-02C01G)
  • L305D-S5914 (PSLC0U-031022, PSLC0U-031022)
  • L305D-S5922 (PSLC8U-02301W, PSLC8U-02301W)
  • L305D-S59222 (PSLC8U-03Q024, PSLC8U-03Q024)
  • L305D-S5923 (PSLC8U-03T01W, PSLC8U-03T01W)
  • L305D-S5925 (PSLC8U-03501W, PSLC8U-03501W)
  • L305D-S5927 (PSLC8U-03L023, PSLC8U-03L023)
  • L305D-S5928 (PSLC8U-03G01U, PSLC8U-03G01U)
  • L305D-S593 (PSLC8U-045028, PSLC8U-045028)
  • L305D-S5930 (PSLC8U-03X01U, PSLC8U-03X01U)
  • L305D-S5932 (PSLC8U-03R01W, PSLC8U-03R01W)
  • L305D-S5934 (PSLC8U-03701Q, PSLC8U-03701Q, PSLC8U-03701QB, PSLC8U-03701QB)
  • L305D-S5935 (PSLC8U-03601U, PSLC8U-03601U)
  • L305D-S5940 (PSLC8U-04601W, PSLC8U-04601W)
  • L305D-S5943 (PSLC0U-033022, PSLC0U-033022)
  • L305D-S5949 (PSLC8U-05K01W, PSLC8U-05K01W)
  • L305D-SP6913A (PSLC8U-03FRL1, PSLC8U-03FRL1)
  • PSLC0C-01Q08C, PSLC0C-01Q08C, PSLC0C-02F08C, PSLC0C-02F08C, PSLC0C-MH108C, PSLC0C-MH108C, PSLC8C-01N019, PSLC8C-01N019, PSLC8C-01P019, PSLC8C-01P019, PSLC8C-02Q019, PSLC8C-02Q019, PSLC8C-06100F, PSLC8C-06100F, PSLC8C-06601R, PSLC8C-06601R, PSLC8C-06N019, PSLC8C-06N019, PSLC8C-06T01R, PSLC8C-06T01R, PSLC8U-02JRL1, PSLC8U-02JRL1, PSLC8U-03FAR1, PSLC8U-03FAR1

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Series

  • L300-EZ1004V (PSLB1U-02F01F, PSLB1U-02F01F)
  • L300-EZ1005V160 (PSLB1U-02G01F, PSLB1U-02G01F)
  • L300-EZ1005X (PSLB1U-01E011, PSLB1U-01E011)
  • L300-EZ1501 (PSLB9U-00R011, PSLB9U-00R011)
  • L300-EZ1502 (PSLB9U-010016, PSLB9U-010016, PSLB9U-010016B, PSLB9U-010016B)
  • L300-EZ1521 (PSLB9U-047011, PSLB9U-047011)
  • L300-EZ1522 (PSLB9U-048030, PSLB9U-048030)
  • L300-SP5801 (PSLB1U-016018, PSLB1U-016018)
  • L300-SP5803 (PSLB1U-02P018, PSLB1U-02P018)
  • L300-SP5809A (PSLB9U-01CAR3, PSLB9U-01CAR3)
  • L300-SP5809C (PSLB9U-01CCB3, PSLB9U-01CCB3)
  • L300-SP5809R (PSLB9U-01CRL3, PSLB9U-01CRL3)
  • L300-SP5917A (PSLB9U-02CAR3, PSLB9U-02CAR3)
  • L300-SP5917R (PSLB9U-02CRL3, PSLB9U-02CRL3)
  • L300-SP6919A (PSLB9U-02PAR3, PSLB9U-02PAR3)
  • L300-SP6919C (PSLB9U-02PCB3, PSLB9U-02PCB3)
  • L300-SP6919R (PSLB9U-02PRL3, PSLB9U-02PRL3)
  • PSLB1U-01D011, PSLB1U-01D011

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