HP Pavillion X6000, ZD8000, NX9600 Inverter

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Product Details

Laptop LCD Screen Inverter
Brand New
Warranty: 6 months

New high quality inverter
Defective backlight Inverter may has the following symptom:

  • Power light stays on but no display and sound
  • No picture on screen but LCD TV still has sound
  • Picture cycles on and off as well as power LED light
  • No picture on screen but power indicate light stays on
  • Dark display but still readable
  • Screen Flash on and Off between 1/2 to a few seconds

All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight inveter is defective and replacing it will solve the problem.

Compatible Part #: AS023172336 / AS0231720D2 / 67617740A / AS023172514, AS023172093 / AS023172182-A1A / 374722-001, 431391-001,
AS023172344 / AS0231721C1-A1A/ IV10150/T / PWB-IV10150T/J1-E-LF, AS023172531 / T181083.00LF / 2995300700 / 2994736900 / 2994742300
AS023172085 / DAC-08N010 / 2995300701

Compatible Model :
HP Pavilion zd8001xx MV IUR notebooks PC  PR753AS
HP Pavilion zd8002xx MV IUR notebooks PC  PR754AS
HP Pavilion zd8003xx MV IUR notebooks PC  PR755AS
HP Pavilion zd8004xx MV IUR notebooks PC  PR756AS
HP Pavilion zd8010xx MV IUR notebooks PC  PR757AS
HP Pavilion zd8011xx MV IUR notebooks PC  PR758AS
HP Pavilion zd8079EA notebook PC (EU)  PS759EA  PS759EAR
HP Pavilion zd8080EA notebook PC (EU)  PS760EA  PS760EAR
HP Pavilion zd8050EA notebook PC (EU)  PS761EA  PS761EAR
HP Pavilion zd8010EA notebook PC (EU)  PS762EA  PS762EAR
HP Pavilion zd8020EA notebook PC (EU)  PS763EA  PS763EAR
HP Pavilion zd8052EA notebook PC (EU)  PS764EA  PS764EAR
HP Pavilion zd8078EA notebook PC (EU)  PS765EA
HP Pavilion zd8045EA notebook PC (EU)  PS766EA  PS766EAR
HP Pavilion zd8077EA notebook PC (EU)  PS767EA  PS767EAR
HP Pavilion zd8054EA notebook PC (EU)  PS768EA
HP Pavilion zd8070EA notebook PC (EU)  PS769EA  PS769EAR
HP Pavilion zd8043EA notebook PC (EU)  PS770EA
HP Pavilion zd8015EA notebook PC (EU)  PS771EA  PS771EAR
HP Pavilion zd8007EA notebook PC (EU)  PS772EA  PS772EAR
HP Pavilion zd8044EA notebook PC (EU)  PS773EA  PS773EAR
HP Pavilion zd8053EA notebook PC (EU)  PS774EA  PS774EAR
HP Pavilion zd8079EA notebook PC (EU)  PS775EA  PS775EAR
HP Pavilion zd8051EA notebook PC (EU)  PS776EA  PS776EAR
HP Pavilion zd8075EA notebook PC (EU)  PS777EA  PS777EAR
HP Pavilion zd8030EA notebook PC (EU)  PS778EA  PS778EAR
HP Pavilion zd8001AP notebook PC (AP)  PS933PA  PS933PAR
HP Pavilion zd8002AP notebook PC (AP)  PT638PA  PT638PAR
HP Pavilion zd8003AP notebook PC (AP)  PT885PA  PT885PAR
HP Compaq Notebook PC nx9600  PU358UA  PU358UAR
HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC  PU550US
HP Pavilion zd8200 CTO Notebook PC  PU741AV  PU741AVR  PU742AV  PU742AVR
HP Pavilion zd8004AP notebook PC (AP)  PV299PA  PV299PAR
HP Pavilion zd8047EA notebook PC (EU)  PW927EA  PW927EAR
HP Pavilion zd8048EA notebook PC (EU)  PW928EA
HP Pavilion zd8078EA notebook PC (EU)  PW929EA  PW929EAR
HP Pavilion zd8072EA notebook PC (EU)  PW930EA  PW930EAR
HP Pavilion zd8008EA notebook PC (EU)  PW931EA  PW931EAR
HP Pavilion zd8125EA Notebook PC  PW936EA  PW936EAR
HP Pavilion zd8185EA Notebook PC  PW937EA  PW937EAR
HP Pavilion zd8110EA Notebook PC (EU)  PW938EA
HP Pavilion zd8155EA Notebook PC (EU)  PW939EA  PW939EAR
HP Pavilion zd8185EA Notebook PC (EU)  PW940EA  PW940EAR
HP Pavilion zd8135EA Notebook PC  PW945EA  PW945EAR
HP Pavilion zd8115EA Notebook PC (EU)  PW946EA  PW946EAR
HP Pavilion zd8110US Notebook PC  PX292UA  PX292UAR
HP Pavilion zd8120CL Notebook PC  EA399UA  EA399UAR
HP Pavilion zd8105CA Notebook PC  EA400UA  EA400UAR
HP Pavilion zd8115US Notebook PC  EA401UA  EA401UAR
HP Pavilion zd8123EA Notebook PC  EB867EA  EB867EAR
HP Pavilion zd8124EA Notebook PC  EB868EA  EB868EAR
HP Pavilion zd8148EA Notebook PC  EB869EA  EB869EAR
HP Pavilion zd8158EA Notebook PC  EB870EA  EB870EAR
HP Pavilion zd8112EA Notebook PC  EB871EA  EB871EAR
HP Pavilion zd8130EA Notebook PC  EB872EA  EB872EAR
HP Pavilion zd8156EA Notebook PC  EB873EA  EB873EAR
HP Pavilion zd8160EA Notebook PC  EB874EA  EB874EAR
HP Pavilion zd8105EA Notebook PC  EB875EA  EB875EAR
HP Pavilion zd8162EA Notebook PC  EB876EA  EB876EAR
HP Pavilion zd8157EA Notebook PC  EB877EA  EB877EAR
HP Pavilion zd8147EA Notebook PC  EB878EA  EB878EAR
HP Pavilion zd8179EA Notebook PC  EB879EA  EB879EAR
HP Pavilion zd8159EA Notebook PC  EB880EA
HP Pavilion zd8184EA Notebook PC  EB881EA  EB881EAR
HP Pavilion zd8127EA Notebook PC  EB882EA  EB882EAR
HP Pavilion zd8122EA Notebook PC  EB883EA  EB883EAR
HP Pavilion zd8139EA Notebook PC  EB884EA  EB884EAR
HP Pavilion zd8182EA Notebook PC  EB885EA  EB885EAR
HP Pavilion zd8181EA Notebook PC  EB886EA  EB886EAR
HP Pavilion zd8230US Notebook PC  EC294UA  EC294UAR
HP Pavilion zd8220US Notebook PC  EC296UA  EC296UAR
HP Pavilion zd8225CA Notebook PC  EC299UA  EC299UAR
HP Pavilion zd8205US Notebook PC  EC300UA  EC300UAR
HP Pavilion zd8210CA Notebook PC  EC301UA  EC301UAR
HP Pavilion zd8215US Notebook PC  EC303UA  EC303UAR
HP Pavilion zd8333CL Notebook PC  EC308UA  EC308UAR
HP Pavilion zd8129EA Notebook PC  ED686EA  ED686EAR
HP Pavilion zd8151EA Notebook PC  ED687EA
HP Pavilion zd8126EA Notebook PC  ED688EA  ED688EAR
HP Pavilion zd8202AP Notebook PC  EE499PA  EE499PAR
HP Pavilion zd8203AP Notebook PC  EE549PA  EE549PAR
HP Pavilion zd8204AP Notebook PC  EE550PA
HP Pavilion dv1315LA Notebook PC  EE633LA  EE633LAR
HP Pavilion zd8250LA Notebook PC  EE634LA
HP Pavilion zd8290EA Notebook PC  EF037EA  EF037EAR
HP Pavilion zd8270EA Notebook PC  EF038EA  EF038EAR
HP Pavilion zd8227EA Notebook PC  EF039EA  EF039EAR
HP Pavilion zd8228EA Notebook PC  EF040EA  EF040EAR
HP Pavilion zd8255EA Notebook PC  EF041EA  EF041EAR
HP Pavilion zd8225EA Notebook PC (EU)  EF042EA  EF042EAR
HP Pavilion zd8235EA Notebook PC (EU)  EF043EA  EF043EAR
HP Pavilion zd8280EA Notebook PC (EU)  EF044EA  EF044EAR
HP Pavilion zd8214EA Notebook PC  EF045EA  EF045EAR
HP Pavilion zd8253EA Notebook PC  EF046EA  EF046EAR
HP Pavilion zd8218EA Notebook PC  EF047EA  EF047EAR
HP Pavilion zd8256EA Notebook PC  EF048EA  EF048EAR  EF049EA  EF049EAR
HP Pavilion zd8254EA Notebook PC  EF050EA  EF050EAR
HP Pavilion zd8219EA Notebook PC  EF051EA  EF051EAR
HP Pavilion zd8238EA Notebook PC  EF052EA  EF052EAR
HP Pavilion zd8231EA Notebook PC (EU)  EF053EA  EF053EAR
HP Pavilion zd8217EA Notebook PC  EF054EA  EF054EAR
HP Pavilion zd8239EA Notebook PC  EF055EA  EF055EAR
HP Pavilion zd8226EA Notebook PC  EF056EA  EF056EAR
HP Pavilion zd8229EA Notebook PC  EH684EA  EH684EAR
HP Pavilion zd8224EA Notebook PC  EH685EA  EH685EAR
HP Pavilion zd8291EA Notebook PC  EH686EA
HP Pavilion zd8237EA Notebook PC  EH687EA  EH687EAR
HP Pavilion zd8234EA Notebook PC  EH688EA  EH688EAR
HP Pavilion zd8289EA Notebook PC  EH689EA  EH689EAR
HP Pavilion zd8230EA Notebook PC  EH690EA  EH690EAR
HP Pavilion zd8251EA Notebook PC  EH691EA  EH691EAR
HP Pavilion zd8252EA Notebook PC  EH692EA  EH692EAR
HP Pavilion zd8223EA Notebook PC  EH693EA  EH693EAR
HP Pavilion zd8245EA Notebook PC  EH694EA  EH694EAR
HP Pavilion zd8369EA Notebook PC  EL017EA  EL017EAR
HP Pavilion zd8323EA Notebook PC  EL030EA  EL030EAR
HP Pavilion zd8205TU Notebook PC  EL076PA
HP Pavilion zd8350LA Notebook PC  EN491LA
HP Pavilion zd8430ca Notebook PC  EP399UA  EP399UAR
HP Pavilion zd8000 (CTO) Notebook PC  PD724AV  PD724AVR  PD725AV  PD725AVR  PD726AV  PD726AVR  PF456AV  PF456AVR
RCTO M22P 64MB GbE Base Unit nx9600  PM652AV
RCTO M24P 128MB GbE Base Unit nx9600  PM653AV
HP Pavilion zd8060US notebook PC (NA)  PR315UA  PR315UAR
HP Pavilion zd8080US notebook PC (NA)  PR316UA  PR316UAR
HP Pavilion zd8060CA notebook PC (NA)  PR317UA  PR317UAR
HP Pavilion zd8055US notebook PC (NA)  PR321UA  PR321UAR
Compaq Presario x6000 CTO Notebook PC  PK247AV  PK248AV  PK248AVR  PK249AV  PK249AVR  PK295AV  PK295AVR
Compaq Presario x6050US Notebook PC  PR325UA  PR325UAR
Compaq Presario x6070US Notebook PC  PR326UA
Compaq Presario X6110US Notebook PC  PX297UA  PX297UAR
Compaq Presario X6125CL Notebook PC  PX299UA
Compaq Presario X6105CL Notebook PC  PX301UA
Compaq Presario x6001xx MV IUR Notebook PC  PR759AS
Compaq Presario x6002xx MV IUR Notebook PC  PR760AS
Compaq Presario x6003xx MV IUR Notebook PC  PR761AS
HP Compaq Notebook PC nx9600  PR762AA  PR762AAR  PR763AA  PR763AAR
HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC
HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC  EP915LA  EQ204US  EQ214US  EQ214USR  EQ266US  EQ296US
HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC  EL794US  EL798US
HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC  EF468US  EF507US  EF534US  EF534USR  EF657US  EF678US  EF688US  EF713US  EF764US  EG821UC
HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC  EB310US  EB332US  EB332USR  EB359US  EB392US  EB392USR  EB393US  EB462US  EB489US

HP Compaq Notebook PC nx9600  PM580AV  PM581AV

HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC  EK035UC

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