IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 T60p LCD Inverter Boards

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Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 months

New high quality inverter
Defective backlight Inverter may has the following symptom:

  • Power light stays on but no display and sound
  • No picture on screen but LCD TV still has sound
  • Picture cycles on and off as well as power LED light
  • No picture on screen but power indicate light stays on
  • Dark display but still readable
  • Screen Flash on and Off between 1/2 to a few seconds

All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight inveter is defective and replacing it will solve the problem.

Competible With P/N:

Competible With Models:

14.1 inch LCD service parts - ThinkPad

T60, T60p

(1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2613, 2623, 2637)


1951-CTO, 22x, 23x, 24x, 25x, 26x, 27x, 28x, 29x, 2Ax, 2Bx, 2Cx, 2Dx, 2Ex, 2Fx, 2Gx, 2Hx, 2Jx, 2Kx, 2Lx, 2Mx, 2Nx, 2Px, 2Qx, 2Rx, 2Sx, 2Tx, 2Ux, 2Vx, 42x, 43x, 44x, 45x, 46x, 47x, 48x, 49x, 4Ax, 4Bx, 4Cx, 4Ex, 4Fx, 4Gx, 4Hx, 4Jx, 4Kx, 4Lx, 4Mx, 4Nx, 4Px, 4Rx, 4Sx, 4Tx, 4Ux, 64x, 65x, 66x, 67x, 82x, 83x, 84x, 85x, 86x, A2x, C2x, F2x, F3x, F6x, F7x, F9x, FBx, FCx, FDx, G3x, G4x, G5x, G6x, PBx, PDx, PEx, PNx
1952-CTO, 24x, 2Qx, 2Rx, 2Sx, 43x, 44x, 45x, 4Gx, 4Mx, 4Nx, 4Px, 4Tx, C2x
1953-CTO, D2x, D5x, D6x, D9x, DBx, DDx, E2x, E3x, E4x, EBx, ECx, EEx, EFx, EGx, EHx, EMx, ENx, EPx, ESx, EVx, EYx, H3x, H6x, H9x, P3x, PKx
1954-CTO, 2Mx, 2Px, 63x, DEx, DFx, G3x, G4x, G5x, P4x, P5x, P8x, PBx, PHx, PJx, PLx, PMx
1955-CTO, 43x
1956-CTO, 43x
2007-CTO, 22x, 23x, 24x, 25x, 26x, 27x, 28x, 29x, 2Ax, 2Bx, 42x, 43x, 44x, 45x, 46x, 47x, 48x, 4Dx, 4Fx, 4Gx, 4Hx, 4Jx, 4Kx, 4Mx, 4Qx, 4Rx, 4Sx, 4Tx, 4Ux, 4Vx, 4Yx, A2x, A3x, C2x, FAx, FCx, FDx, FEx, FJx, FQx, FNx, FTx, FXx, G2x, G7x, G8x, G9x, GAx, GDx, GFx, GGx, P9x, PFx, PHx, PJx, PPx, QEx
2008-CTO, 42x, 43x, 44x, 46x, C2x, GAx, GDx
2009-CTO, 42x
2613-CTO, E2x, E3x, E4x, E5x, EPx, H6x, HBx, HHx, HTx, HZx, LBx, LHx
2623-CTO, D5x, P4x
2637-CTO, 42x


1951-CTO, 4Qx, 62x, G2x
1953-CTO, E5x, E6x, E7x, EQx, ETx, EWx, EZx, H4x, H7x, HAx
1954-CTO, G2x, PQx
2007-CTO, 49x, 4Ax, 4Bx, 4Cx, 4Ex, 4Lx, 4Nx, 4Px, 62x, 63x, 64x, 65x, 66x, 67x, 68x, 69x, 6Ax, 6Bx, 6Cx, 6Dx, 6Ex, 6Fx, 6Jx, 6Kx, 6Lx, 6Mx, 6Nx, 6Px, 6Qx, 6Rx, 6Sx, 6Tx, 6Ux, 6Vx, 6Wx, 6Xx, 6Yx, 6Zx, 82x, 83x, 84x, 85x, 86x, 87x, 88x, 89x, 8Ax, 8Bx, 8Dx, 8Ex, 8Fx, 8Gx, 8Hx, 8Jx, 8Lx, 8Mx, 8Nx, 8Px, 8Rx, 8Tx, 8Yx, 8Zx, A4x, A5x, C3x, C4x, C5x, FRx, FUx, G3x, G4x, G5x, G6x, GBx, GCx, GEx, GHx, GJx, GKx, M2x, M3x, M4x, M5x, M6x, M7x, M8x, PBx, PKx, PMx, PQx, PRx, PSx, PTx, PUx, PVx, PYx
2008-CTO, 49x, 4Ax, 66x, 6Qx, 83x, 87x, 8Dx, 8Hx, 8Jx, 8Kx, 8Lx, 8Zx, C3x, C4x, C5x, G3x, G4x, G5x, GBx, GCx, GEx, PDx
2009-CTO, 83x
2613-CTO, E6x, E7x, E8x, E9x, EAx, EBx, ECx, EDx, EEx, EQx, ERx, ESx, H2x, H3x, H7x, H8x, H9x, K9x, HCx, HDx, HJx, HKx, HPx, HQx, HUx, HVx, KAx, L2x, L3x, L7x, L8x, LCx, LDx, LJx, LKx, LPx, LQx, LTx, LVx, LWx, Q5x
2623-CTO, 8Kx, 8Yx, D2x, D4x, D6x, D7x, D8x, DFx, DRx, DSx, GHx. GJx, K5x, K6x, KEx, KFx, KHx, M3x, P2x, P3x, P6x, P8x, PKx, PMx, PZx, Q2x, Q3x, Q4x, Q6x, Q7x, QBx, QCx, QHx, QJx, QKx, QLx, QMx, QNx
2637-CTO, 83x

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