Acer Aspire 3660, 5600, 5670 , 4220, 4670 Inverter

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Product Details

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 months

New high quality inverter
Defective backlight Inverter may has the following symptom:

  • Power light stays on but no display and sound
  • No picture on screen but LCD TV still has sound
  • Picture cycles on and off as well as power LED light
  • No picture on screen but power indicate light stays on
  • Dark display but still readable
  • Screen Flash on and Off between 1/2 to a few seconds

All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight inveter is defective and replacing it will solve the problem.

Competible With P/N: 
DAC-08N004 AS023170007 DAC-08B034 AS023165020 DAC-08N009 As023170015 AS023166701, PIE BD5D-093, CCTECH CD-2, FL9030   AS023170180 PWB-IV12129T/G1-LF IV12129/T-LF E220742 AS023170180 A1A PWB-IV12129T/B2 IV12129/T AS023170139

Competible With Models:


  • Aspire 3660 Series (Model ZB3)
    • 3660-2073 (LX.ACZ0J.005)
    • 3660-2209 (LX.ACZ05.149)
    • 3660-2248 (LX.ACZ0J.007)
    • 3660-2314 (LX.ACZ0C.035)
    • 3660-2438 (LX.ACZ0C.026)
    • 3660-2501 (LX.ACZ05.150)
    • 3660-2552 (LX.ACZ0C.027)
    • 3660-2662 (LX.ACZ0C.023)
    • 3660-2713 (LX.ACZ0C.034)
    • 3660-2728 (LX.ACZ0C.022)
    • 3661WLMi (LX.ACZ05.077, LX.ACZ05.125, LX.ACZ05.127, LX.ACZ05.128)
  • Aspire 5600 Series (Model ZB2)
    • 5600AWLMi (LX.AB10J.008, LX.ACT05.145)
    • 5601AWLMi (LX.AB105.107, LX.AB105.230, LX.AB105.264, LX.AB105.266, LX.AB105.268, LX.AB106.006, LX.ACT05.094, LX.ACT05.102, LX.ACT05.106, LX.ACT05.125)
    • 5601WLMi (LX.AB10J.005)
    • 5602WLMi (LX.AB105.068, LX.AB105.096, LX.AB10J.001, LX.AB10J.002, LX.ACT05.050, LX.ACT05.080, LX.ACT0J.006)
  • Aspire 5670 Series (Model ZB1)
    • 5671A (LX.ATD05.109)
    • 5671AWLMi (LX.AA70X.007, LX.ATD05.232)
    • 5672AWLMi (LX.ATD05.155)
    • 5672AWLMib (LX.ATD05.133)
    • 5672WLMI (LX.AA705.136, LX.ATD06.002)
    • 5672WLMi (LX.A8505.026, LX.AA705.043, LX.AA705.052, LX.AA705.081, LX.AA705.091, LX.AA705.104, LX.AA705.105, LX.AA705.106, LX.AA705.107, LX.AA705.165, LX.AA705.302, LX.AA705.304, LX.AA705.335, LX.AA706.003, LX.AA706.004, LX.AA706.005, LX.AA706.007, LX.ATD05.014, LX.ATD05.089, LX.ATD0J.007, LX.ATD0J.008, LX.ATD0J.013)
    • 5672WLMib (LX.ATD0J.014, LX.ATD0J.017)
    • 5673WLMi (LX.ACD05.036)
    • 5674WLHi (LX.AE10J.007, LX.AE10J.008)
    • 5675WLHi (LX.AE105.020)
    • 5675WLMi (LX.AE105.023)
  • TravelMate 4220 Series (Model ZB2)
    • 4220-4124 (LX.TCJ06.113)
    • 4220AWLMi (LX.TCJ06.085)
    • 4222LMi (LX.TCJ06.071)
    • 4222WLMi (LX.TCF06.007, LX.TCJ05.016, LX.TCJ05.069, LX.TCJ05.087, LX.TCJ05.089, LX.TCJ06.009, LX.TCJ06.010, LX.TCJ06.013, LX.TCJ06.021, LX.TCJ06.065, LX.TCJ06.066, LX.TCJ06.067, LX.TCJ06.084, LX.TCJ06.086, LX.TCJ06.087)
    • LX.TCJ06.070
  • TravelMate 4670 Series (Model ZB1)

    • 4672LMi (LX.TB506.022, LX.TB506.045, LX.TB506.047, LX.TB506.049, LX.TB506.051, LX.TB506.074, LX.TB506.137, LX.TB506.164)
    • 4672LMib (LX.TB506.002, LX.TB506.012)
    • 4672WLMi (LX.TAJ06.008, LX.TAJ06.032, LX.TAJ06.048, LX.TAJ06.062, LX.TAJ06.082, LX.TAJ06.103, LX.TAJ06.104, LX.TB506.054, LX.TB506.055, LX.TB506.056, LX.TB506.057, LX.TB506.059, LX.TB506.061, LX.TB506.066, LX.TB506.104, LX.TB506.154, LX.TB506.155, LX.TB506.175, LX.TB506.183, LX.TB506.184, LX.TD706.051)
    • 4674LMi (LX.TB506.053)
    • 4674WLMi (LX.TAJ06.057, LX.TAJ06.059, LX.TAJ06.064, LX.TAJ06.066, LX.TAJ06.068, LX.TD706.032, LX.TD706.042, LX.TD706.044)

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