Acer TravelMate 4150 & 4650 left hinge (15'' LCD)

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Acer TravelMate 4150 & 4650 left hinge (15'' LCD)
(Be aware of generic OEM and aftermarket replacement product!)

One set (left & right) NEW ACER Laptop hinges.
Replace your loose, stiff or broken hinge(s) / bracket(s)
Condition: - Brand new (not used or refurbished)
Specification: Left & Right Hinge set For 15" LCD Display
Unit: Pair
Part number(s): AMZL0000200 L, AMZL00002000 L
Warranty: 90 days
Compatible Model:

  • TravelMate 4150 Series (Model DL00/EDL00)
    • 4150LCi (LX.T7606.007)
    • 4150LMi (LX.T7605.085, LX.T7605.086, LX.T7605.108, LX.T7606.012)
    • 4151LCi (LX.T7606.003, LX.T7606.006, LX.T7606.069)
    • 4152LMi (LX.T7605.012, LX.T7605.014, LX.T7605.109, LX.T7605.140, LX.T7605.152, LX.T8505.118)
    • 4154LMi (LX.T7606.086, LX.T7606.096)
  • TravelMate 4650 Series (Model DL00/EDL00)
    • 4150LCi (LX.T7506.062, LX.T7506.063)
    • 4650LCi (LX.T7506.061)
    • 4651LCi (LX.T7506.040)
    • 4651LMi (LX.T8406.044, LX.T8406.131)
    • 4652LCi (LX.T7506.186, LX.T8406.217)
    • 4652LMi (LX.T7506.043, LX.T7506.044, LX.T7506.045, LX.T7506.047, LX.T7506.202)
    • 4652NLMi (LX.T750C.004, LX.T750C.005)
    • 4654LMi (LX.T7505.046, LX.T7506.046, LX.T7506.211, LX.T8406.189)


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