HP Pavilion DV5000, DV5100, DV5200, DV6000 AC Adapter

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Product Details

This is AC adapter/ Power Charger, Brand New Original . This adapter Comes complete with power cord and guaranteed to work.
Don't be fooled with cheap imitation (AKA OEM or Replacement Parts)
Item Specification
65 Watt 18.5V 3.5A (1.7x4.8mm Tip) Laptop AC Power Adapter
Type AC Power Adapter
Maximum Power 65 watt
Input Voltage 100-240V
Input Frequency 50-60Hz, 1.7A
Output 18.5V 3.5A
Connectors Internal Diameter: 1.7mm, External Diameter: 4.8mm Tip
Condition: - Brand New Original HP Compaq AC Adapter 
Warranty:  6 months

Original Part Number:

101880-001 , 120765-001 , 146594-001 , 159224-001 , 159224-002 , 163444-001 , 163444-291 , 179725-002 , 179725-003 , 209124-001 , 209126-001 , 239427-001 , 239427-002 , 239427-003 , 239427-004 , 239428-001 , 239704-001 , 239704-291 , 239705-001 , 265602-001 , 285288-001 , 285546-001 , 338136-001 , 367760-001 , 371790-001 , 371790-BB , 380467-001 , 380467-003 , 380467-005 , 381090-001 , 383494-001 , 386315-002 , 387661-001 , 391172-001 , 393954-001 , 394224-001 , 402018-001 , 403810-001 , 409843-001 , 417220-001 , 432309-001 , 9155068 , A265 , AC-C14 , ACCOM-C14 , ACHEW-C14 , ACL1056 , B65602-001 , DC359A , DC359A#ABA , DL606A , DL606A#ABA , LPAC03 , OK065B13 , P-0K065B13 , PA-1500-02C1 , PA-1650-02C , PA-1651-02C , PP002D , PP003 , PP1006 , PPP009H , PPP009L

Compatible Model:
HP Pavilion DV5000 Series:
DV5000, Dv5000Cto, Dv5000ea, Dv5000tCto, DV5001, Dv5001xx, Dv5002ea, DV5003, DV5003CL, Dv5003ea, Dv5005ea, Dv5006ea, Dv5007ea, Dv5008ea, Dv5009ea, DV5010, Dv5010ea, Dv5011ea, Dv5012ea, Dv5016ea, DV5017, DV5017CL, Dv5017ea, Dv5018ea, DV5020, DV5020CA, DV5020US, Dv5021ea, Dv5022ea, Dv5023ea, Dv5024ea, Dv5026ea, Dv5027ea, DV5029, DV5029US, DV5030, DV5030US, Dv5031ea, Dv5033ea, Dv5034ea, Dv5035ea, Dv5035nr, Dv5036ea, Dv5037ea, DV5040, DV5040US, Dv5041ea, Dv5046ea, Dv5047ea, Dv5050ea, Dv5051ea, Dv5052ea, Dv5053ea, Dv5054ea, Dv5055ea, Dv5056ea, Dv5057ea, Dv5058ea, Dv5059ea, Dv5061ea, Dv5062ea, Dv5063ea, Dv5074ea, Dv5075ea, Dv5077ea, Dv5078ea, Dv5084ea, Dv5088xx, Dv5091ea, Dv5092ea, Dv5093ea, Dv5094ea, Dv5095ea, Dv5096ea, Dv5097ea, Dv5098ea, Dv5099ea, Dv5099xx
HP Pavilion DV5100 Series:
DV5100, DV5100CTO, Dv5101tx, Dv5102eu, Dv5102tx, Dv5103eu, Dv5103tx, Dv5104eu, Dv5104tx, Dv5105eu, Dv5105tx, Dv5106eu, Dv5106tx, Dv5107eu, Dv5107tx, Dv5108eu, Dv5108tx, Dv5109eu, Dv5109tx, DV5110, Dv5110ca, Dv5110eu, Dv5110tx, DV5110US, Dv5111eu, Dv5111tu, Dv5111tx, Dv5112eu, Dv5112tx, Dv5113eu, Dv5113tx, Dv5114eu, Dv5114tx, Dv5115eu, Dv5115nr, Dv5115tx, Dv5116eu, Dv5116nr, Dv5116tx, Dv5117ca, Dv5117cl, Dv5117eu, Dv5117tx, Dv5118eu, Dv5118tx, Dv5119eu, Dv5119tx, DV5120, Dv5120ea, Dv5120eu, Dv5120la, Dv5120tx, DV5120US, Dv5121ea, Dv5121eu, Dv5121tx, Dv5122ea, Dv5122tx, DV5123, DV5123CL, Dv5123ea, Dv5123tx, Dv5124eu, Dv5124tx, Dv5125eu, Dv5125tx, Dv5126ea, Dv5126tx, Dv5127ea, Dv5127eu, Dv5127tx, Dv5128ea, Dv5128eu, Dv5128tx, Dv5129eu, Dv5129tx, Dv5129us, Dv5130ca, Dv5130ea, Dv5130eu, Dv5130tx, Dv5130us, Dv5131eu, Dv5131tx, Dv5132eu, Dv5132tx, Dv5133ea, Dv5133eu, Dv5134ea, Dv5134eu, Dv5135eu, Dv5135nr, Dv5136eu, Dv5137ea, Dv5137eu, Dv5138eu, Dv5139us, Dv5140ca, Dv5140ea, Dv5140eu, Dv5140us, Dv5142ea, Dv5142eu, Dv5143ea, Dv5144ea, Dv5145ea, Dv5147ea, Dv5148ea, Dv5149ea, Dv5149eu, Dv5150ea, Dv5150us, Dv5151eu, Dv5152eu, Dv5153eu, Dv5154eu, Dv5155eu, Dv5156ea, Dv5156eu, Dv5157ea, Dv5157eu, Dv5158ea, Dv5158eu, Dv5159ea, Dv5159eu, Dv5160ea, Dv5160eu, Dv5161ea, Dv5161eu, Dv5162ea, Dv5162eu, Dv5163cl, Dv5164ea, Dv5165ea, Dv5166ea, Dv5167cl, Dv5170us, Dv5171eu, Dv5173ea, Dv5173eu, Dv5174eu, Dv5175ea, Dv5176ea, Dv5176eu, Dv5177ea, Dv5178ea, Dv5178us, Dv5179ea, Dv5180ea, Dv5184ea, Dv5186eu, Dv5187eu, Dv5188ea, Dv5189eu, Dv5189xx, Dv5190ea, Dv5190us, Dv5191ea, Dv5192ea, Dv5193ea, Dv5194ea, Dv5195ea, Dv5196ea, Dv5196xx, Dv5197ea, Dv5197xx, Dv5198ea, Dv5198xx, Dv5199xx
HP Pavilion DV5200 Series:
Dv5200Cto, Dv5200tu, Dv5200tx, Dv5201eu, Dv5201tu, Dv5201tx, Dv5202eu, Dv5202tu, Dv5202tx, Dv5203ea, Dv5203tu, Dv5203tx, Dv5204ea, Dv5204tu, Dv5204tx, Dv5205ea, Dv5205tu, Dv5205tx, Dv5206ea, Dv5206tu, Dv5206tx, Dv5207tu, Dv5207tx, Dv5208ea, Dv5208tu, Dv5208tx, Dv5209ea, Dv5209eu, Dv5209tx, Dv5210ca, Dv5210ea, Dv5210tx, Dv5210us, Dv5211ea, Dv5211eu, Dv5211tx, Dv5212ea, Dv5212tx, Dv5213eu, Dv5213tx, Dv5214tx, Dv5215ca, Dv5215tx, Dv5215us, Dv5216ca, Dv5216cl, Dv5216tx, Dv5217cl, Dv5217tx, Dv5218ea, Dv5218nr, Dv5218tx, Dv5219tx, Dv5220ca, Dv5220eu, Dv5220la, Dv5220tx, Dv5220us, Dv5221tx, Dv5222eu, Dv5222nr, Dv5222tx, Dv5223ea, Dv5223om, Dv5223tx, Dv5224ea, Dv5224eu, Dv5224nr, Dv5224tx, Dv5225ca, Dv5225ea, Dv5225tx, Dv5226ca, Dv5226ea, Dv5226eu, Dv5226tx, Dv5227tx, Dv5228tx, Dv5229om, Dv5229tx, Dv5230ca, Dv5230tx, Dv5230us, Dv5231eu, Dv5231tx, Dv5232eu, Dv5232tx, Dv5233ea, Dv5233eu, Dv5233tx, Dv5234ea, Dv5234tx, Dv5234us, Dv5235ca, Dv5235ea, Dv5235tx, Dv5236ea, Dv5236eu, Dv5236om, Dv5236tx, Dv5237ca, Dv5237cl, Dv5237ea, Dv5237tx, Dv5238ea, Dv5239ea, Dv5239tx, Dv5240ca, Dv5240ea, Dv5240tx, Dv5240us, Dv5241ea, Dv5241tx, Dv5242ea, Dv5243ea, Dv5243eu, Dv5244ea, Dv5244eu, Dv5245ea, Dv5245eu, Dv5246eu, Dv5247ea, Dv5247eu, Dv5248ea, Dv5248eu, Dv5249ea, Dv5250ca, Dv5250ea, Dv5250us, Dv5251ea, Dv5252ea, Dv5255ea, Dv5261ea, Dv5264ea, Dv5266ea, Dv5267ea, Dv5269ea, Dv5270ea, Dv5271ea, Dv5272ea, Dv5273ea, Dv5274ea, Dv5275ea, Dv5276ea, Dv5276eu, Dv5277ea, Dv5277eu, Dv5278ea, Dv5278eu, Dv5279ea, Dv5279eu, Dv5280ea, Dv5281ea, Dv5282ea, Dv5283ea, Dv5284ea, Dv5285ea, Dv5286ea, Dv5287ea, Dv5288ea, Dv5289ea, Dv5292ea, Dv5293ea, Dv5294ea, Dv5295ea, Dv5296ea, Dv5298ea, Dv5298xx, Dv5299xx, Dv5300Cto
HP Pavilion DV6000 Series:
DV6000, Dv6000t, Dv6000z, Dv6040us, Dv6045nr, DV6100, Dv6101eu, Dv6104eu, Dv6105us, Dv6110us, Dv6115eu, Dv6116eu, Dv6120us, Dv6122ea, Dv6125se, Dv6129us, Dv6135nr, Dv6140ca, Dv6140us, Dv6150ca, Dv6150us, Dv6152eu, Dv6157ea, Dv6174ea, Dv6187ea, Dv6190eu, DV6200, DV6400, DV6500, DV6700

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